A Jóság Tava

The basis of Reiki

Cosmic Life Energy is the basis of Reiki.

Spiritual tradition talks about a universal energy called Prana in India that is more than 5000 years old. This universal energy is considered to be the basic system and source of life. Chinese people knew about the existence of vital energy in 3000 BC that was called chi. Every material, living and dead matter comes from this energy. Chi has two opposing forces, yin and yang.

Kabala, the Jewish mistic philosophy mentions the same energies as astral light in 538 BC. There are a lot of hints in the Old Testament about the light that surrounds people.

Eastern Joga is 6000 years old so is Buddhism: Tibetan Buddhism that is based on Gautama and Buddha as well as Reiki are all the Universal Life Force Energy.

John White listed 97 different cultures in his book, The Science of the Future. He named the cosmic energy and the human aura in 97 different ways.

As Eastern Religions are gaining ground continuously, the western societies are getting to know and use the related energy systems and theories and dogmas. Though we accepted the Chinese acupuncture and massage easier and quicker, the natural ancient energy systems are spreading slower in the western world. The representatives of the natural healing systems are slowly appearing besides the traditional classical medicine.