A Jóság Tava

Mechanism for Reiki's Effects


Reiki is drawn by the practitioner through his or her open channel. Reiki does not take energy from the practitioner as it comes from outside. The recipient gets the energy through a clean channel so he or she does not take any of the practitioner’s own energy.

If there is the intention of a Reiki treatment and the hands are held on or near a specific part of the body, energy will spread and flow immediately so there is no need for the practitioner to pay attention tensely.

Reiki has different effects on different people, and it is determined by the needs of the recipient being treated.

There are different approaches of different pracitioners to give a whole body treatment but there are always two important things in the focuse of it:

the painful or problematic part of the body
hormone system

Mechanism for Reiki's Effects of the treatment taught by Mrs. Takata is the following:

the hand positions give a general coverage of the glandulae that control the production of the hormones. These glandulae are stimulated by the nerve cells in the body.

with the help of the mediation of the brain, the body communicates with the nerve system. It is the brain that makes the glandulae to produce the necessary hormones for homeostasis.

each of the seven main chakras stands for an endocrine.

the system of the endocrines work as a transducer for the ethereal energy centers, the chakras, and the chakras also act as transducers for the body with the transmission of the endocrines.

All levels and degrees are in connection with one another.

Reiki does not make changes only in the chemical structure of the body while helping the recovering of the organs, the bones and the tissues but it makes the recipient become well-balanced menthally. 

Mechanism for Reiki treatment

Reiki energy has an effect on the materialistic, ethereal and mental levels at the same time naturally.

Reiki helps get rid of the energy blocks and relieve the emotion stored in them. This process promotes the reasoning of the patients and helps them be relieved.

Way of thinking is responsible for the illnesses if mentality is not synchronized with the spiritual nature or divinity of man.

The key to become enlightened is the increase of Reiki consciousness.