A Jóság Tava

Second degree Reiki training

After this initiation the increase of frequency is at least the quadruple of the one after the first initiation.

In the second degree Reiki course the initiated student learns the use of three Reiki symbols out of four which are said to enhance the strength and distance over which the effec can be exerted. These three symbols help you concentrate to be able to send Reiki energy over time and space and open the gates to Reiki energy for the ones who has already received the second degree attunement.

The three mantras are as follows:
the symbol of the cosmic power
the symbol of distance healing
the symbol of mental healing.

There is nothing special about the symbols, vantras. They only work as collector lenses for Reiki pratitioners to help the delivery of energy into the distance and to make mental and emotional healing stronger. With the use of Reiki symbols the energy sent into the distance can be concentrated.

With the symbols the practitioner creates a bridge between him and the recipient that is suitable for calling the energy that is needed.

The second degree focuses on the adjustment of the ethereal body, has a great influence on the six chakras and make the ability of intuition of the initiated one better.