A Jóság Tava

First degree Reiki training

The first degree Reiki course is usually divided into 4 sections. The course duration is 20 hours.

I. section (day)

The first degree Reiki course teaches the basic theories and procedures then the basic positions of self-healing. Then 2 attunements are given to the student by the teacher. Students start self-healing and feel the differences between their states before and after the attunement. They feel warmth in the hands or tingling in the area being treated.

II. section (day)

It begins with a discussion about the experiences of the previous day.

Students do such exercises that develop kinetic sensitivity.

They also learn hand placement positions on the recipients’s body that are thought to be most conductive to the process in a whole body treatment.

They experience group treatment.

The second attunement is given to the students. With the second attunement the first degree is initiated.

They discuss the initiation.

It is recommended to keep a diary about the 21 day long purification.

Teachers make the students do Reiki for an hour daily.
Students make self-estimation and review the day.

Teachers call the students’ attention on the critical period, the recovery circle, that will be discussed in details at the second degree Reiki course.

After questions and answers the certificate proving the completion of the first degree Reiki course is given.

Teachers ask the first degree Reiki students to visit the Reiki Club and do Reiki together.

First Degree Reiki Attunement

It focuses on the opening of the physical body to be able to take more and more life force energy.

The first degree consists of 4 attunements on the 4 energy centers on the upper part of the body. It increases the number of oscillations of the energy centers (chakras).

At the first initiation the heart and the thymus are attuned that has an influence on the heart chakra at ethereal level. The hands are initiated too.

The second initiation has an influence on the thyroid gland and helps open the throat chakra at ethereal level that is the center of communication.

The third initiation has an influence on the third eye that is the same as hypophysis and is the center of intuition and a higher state of mind. 

The fourth initiation opens the heart chakra even more that connects us with our spiritual mind and has an influence on its material side, the pineal gland.

The fourth initiation seals the channel in order to keep its increased energy conductivity to make it able to transmit Reiki energy in the rest of the student’s life.

Therefore it is very important for the student to be attuned and initiated four times by the Master to be able to become an attuned Reiki channel and serve as a medium of Reiki energy. So the student will be able to keep it open for all his or her life and if necessary he or she can be available. This initiation focuses the material body.