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The history of Reiki – Dr. Hayashi – Mrs. Takata

The history of Reiki originates from the end of the XIX. century. However, very little of this version of the Reiki story is documented. All of the histories of Reiki come from the verbal stories passed with little or no hard evidence of Reiki. Everything started at a small christian university in Kyoto.

At the Doshisha Seminary a priest was preparing for his service. He was the teacher of a boy who asked him if he believed the Bible as it is one day. He answered „Yes”. Then he asked if he believed in the miracles which Jesus did (healing, walking on water etc) without having experienced it. Being a Christian he answered "Yes". Then he asked if unquestioning faith is enough to believe.

It seems to be. You have created your opinion about things through your life that gives you sense of safety and self-confidence. In contrast with it we are at the beginning of our lives and we have to meditate about a lot of things. We would like to see such miracles with our very eyes. We do not only want to read about things like this but we would like to live it through.