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Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho

Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, the Universal Cosmic Life Energy Usui is a natural healing method that has effects on the physical, spiritual and mental completeness of man.

Reiki treatment

A whole Reiki body treatment gives energy to the body, gets the natural self healing mechanism of the body going as well as a detoxification and the metabolism that results in excretion of a high degree that regenerates the energy fields and the metablic systems of the spiritual body. 

It makes the energy of the body work and regenerates the burdening and helps the organism use up the produced healing reactions harmonicly.

Reiki supports all natural healing methods, complementary and alternative medicine satisfactorily.

After treatments with allopathic tools Reiki decrease the side effects and help regenerate when being badly shocked caused by chemical actions after operations.

A whole Reiki treatment in order to develop our own personality

If we are not patients we can have unique possibilities to improve our personalities and to develop. The whole body can get rid of the blocks and energy relieves.

The positions of a whole Reiki treatment

Here you can find the positions that give you a whole treatment.

It is based on the heritage of Usui, the hand and body positions inherited from Mrs. Takata. A practitioner can add his or her own experience to it according to the information gained from the students. 

It is important to understand why it is necessary to follow the sequence of the positions.

The ancient Tibetan energetic system has an exact description with 24 headings regarding the treatment with hand position according to Buddha teachings. These are the 24 energy gates of the body.

The headings of the 24 energy gates of the body are equal to the 24 basic positions of the traditional reiki treatment. The hand placements are so important that each part of the body covered by the hand belongs to an organ.

Hand placement on the head

Palms of your hands are placed against the face next to the nose with your hands over the eyes and forehead and with the fingers to your teeth. No pressure needed - touch lightly!


Hands are placed around the temples with the fingers covering the cheekbone.

Hands are placed around the ears.

Hands are placed on the back of your head directly above the nape of your neck with the finger pads touching the medulla oblongata.

Here the hands are held over the throat and thymus.
Hand placement on the trunk

One hand is placed over the lowest right rib and the other hand is placed directly bellow it.


One hand is placed over the lowest left rib and the other hand is placed directly bellow it. 


One hand is placed over the navel and the other hand is placed directly bellow it.


One hand is placed over the thymus and the other one is placed directly bellow it forming a T shape.


Make a V shape with your fingers and thumb at the edge of the pelvic bones above the pecten.

Hand placement on the back
Hands are placed between the shoulders and the shoulder blades.
12. position
Hands are placed on the shoulder blades.
Hand are placed on the lower rib above the kidneys

One hand is placed across the rump-bone and the other one is placed directly bellow it forming a T shape.

Hands are placed on the knees.
Hands are placed around the ankles.
Hands are placed flush with the bottom of the feet.

18., 19., 20., 21., 22., 23., 24. are special positions according to the gates of the body and the chakras.

According to the teachings of Mrs. Takata, she follows the endocrine system with the simple Reiki hand placements. The healer has to learn that everybody has the right and the chance to decide if they want to recover or stay sick, die or stay alive.

A whole Reiki treatment takes 45 minutes for adults and 20 minutes for children and elderly people. In case of a short treatment the recipient sits on a chair and the practitioner uses the self-healing hand positions. It usually takes 25-30 minutes. 

Reiki is recommended to be used regularly, on an on-going basis with the aim of maintaining well-being to reach the best efficiency. A series of 15-30 treatments is usually recommended that depends on the seriousness of the porblem.

The first treatments should be daily, four days running. The interval between treatments should not be so long, it is recommended to be continuous.

It is reported that at the beginning the symptoms are going worse and the recipient often feels better later on. After a while only 1-2 treatments are sufficient.

Reiki is not a religion, it works regardless of any ideology. There is only one condition to remember that the recipient has to be open to receive energy and the one who calls and transmits energy as a Reiki channel should be ready to change his or her life in the positive direction and be able to make sacrifices for the change.