A Jóság Tava


Reiki is a compound Japanese word.

Rei - universal

Ki - life force energy


Reiki is an ancient Tibetan therapy. The essence of Reiki is absorbing the healing energy of the Universe and transferring it through our hands to another living creature or even to ourselves either directly or over a distance.

We are all born with that Universal Life Energy since it is the energy of Life.

The tuning includes the opening of our personal energy stream and its final tuning up to cosmic energy through ancient Tibetan symbolism.

By doing so, we give way to a subconscious intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual process. We become more open to our own highly refined ego. Natural talent and creativity increase. The change becomes an effortless process in which subconscious barriers start to release themselves.

Japanese professor of theology Dr Mikao Usui devoted his life at the end of the nineteenth century to finding out how Christ healed the sick. We know his system nowadays by the name of Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho, that is, the Usui Natural Method for Universal Cosmic Life Energy.

Reiki is a homeopathic method, a transcendental school, an esoteric tuning up that only became accessible for average people in the twentieth century. Its universal mission is to increase it’s the spiritual level and promote the development of humanity.

Reiki energy works for both believers and non-believers, regardless of world view. Since it is the energy of love, it does not contradict the teaching of any religion or sect.

There are two Traditional Reiki Schools in the world:

- Reiki Alliance, leader: Phyllis Lei Furumoto

- American International Reiki Association (AIRA), leader: Dr Barbara Weber Ray