A Jóság Tava

Mrs. Tibor Sebők (maiden name Magdolna Reményi) 

I was born in Kispest in 1946. I have lived in Pesterzsébet since 1952. I went to elementary school and secondary school in this district.

I got married in 1966. I have two daughters.

I graduated at Eötvös Lóránd University and took my diploma in secondary-school teaching. Since my graduation I have been teaching maths and physics at Jenő Varga Secondary School of Economics.

I started to deal with esoterism more intensely after my husband’s death. It was the influence of my daughter that made me join the Hungarian Reiki Association and learn from Dr. Éva Rudas. I was initiated into Reiki as the student of Éva and I learned about Tantra Joga, chakras, crystals and gems from her.

After the death of Éva I continued my learning from Anita Kardos, initiated Reiki Master, Teacher and Crystal Master.

I have worked as a voluntary practitioner on the foundation days once a week since 1999.

Since January 2005 I have been the chairman of the board of trustees in succession to László Török.