A Jóság Tava

Master of the Reiki Association:

Magdolna Sebők

Anita Kardos-Zoltán Benkő-Mrs. Andrea Gyalus Lőrincz-Mrs Tibor Sebők

I was born in Budapest on 23rd August 1967. I am currently living here with my family – my husband and two sons. After elementary school, I attended Rudas László School of Business and obtained a vocational training certificate together with my school leaving certificate. I continued my studies at the College of Commerce and Catering, where I received a degree in business administration.

I worked several years as a merchandise manager, but after the birth of my sons my interest turned toward esotericism. Through my children I was able contact my future Master, Dr Éva Rudas, whose healing knowledge and commitment and human values remain forever an example for me. Under her guidance I took the Reiki First Degree course followed by all the other courses given by her – Tantra Yoga, Crystal Healing and Psychosurgery. I continue to study and learn. After the death of Dr Éva Rudas in 2001, I continued learning with her follower Anita Kardos.

In the meantime I also obtained the degree in Bioenergetics prescribed by the Natural Medicine Act.

I am currently working as a Reiki Master Teacher and Crystal Master, and I have attained the first healing degree of the Tantra Yoga Natural Healing System. I frequently make use of my experience in Radiesthesia in the course of my work.

I am a member of the Board of the Hungarian Reiki Association, and with my volunteer work I endeavour to help the activity of the ‘Lake of Goodness’ Traditional Reiki Foundation.