A Jóság Tava

Mrs. Andrea Gyalus Lõrincz

Master of the Reiki Association:

Anita Kardos-Zoltán Benkő--Mrs Tibor Sebők- Magdolna Sebők

I was born in Budapest on the 4th August 1960. After elementary school I passed my final examination in the Fürst Sándor Grammar School. I have one child.  

My interest in natural healing methods was awakened in 1993 by a Reiki I course. Dr Éva Rudas and M. Diána Benedek, my respected teachers, set me on my way and have always given force and love to my life.  

I am still pursuing my studies. My teacher is Anita Kardos, with whom I became a Reiki Master and Teacher. I am a Crystal Master and have also obtained the Second Degree of Yoga Tantra.  

I also deal with healing herbs and Bioresonance Magnetic Therapy, and I am involved in awarding the I and II degrees of Reiki in Dunaharaszti, where I live.  

‘I serve the Universe and my Lord with deep humility and respect.’