A Jóság Tava

Master of the Reiki Association:

Anita Kardos

Zoltán Benkő-Mrs. Andrea Gyalus Lőrincz-Mrs Tibor Sebők- Magdolna Sebők

I am Anita KARDOS (maiden name: Anita Sebők)

I was born in 1966 in Karcag, Hungary. As nature had endowed me with many talents (sports, singing, drawing, chemistry etc.), neither my parents, nor my teachers could decide what I should become when I grew up, but all I wanted was to become a doctor. I wanted to help and heal people.

During my high school years I gained a great deal of experience in health care, and when the moment came I enrolled not in the faculty of medicine, but in the faculty of Dietetics at the College of Health Care in Budapest. I graduated in 1987 and worked for 13 years as a dietician in the Ferenc Jahn Hospital during which time I acquired considerable practical experience and achieved great professional success.  

I had no experience with esoteric topics until a colleague mentioned the name of the late Dr. Éva Rudas in connection with overcoming some of her daughter’s health problems. I did not have any mental problem or disease, either, but I felt some sort of compelling force inside me that prompted me to move in that direction. So, I obeyed and went to that place, which I was unable to leave. I had the feeling I had come home. I pursued Reiki at first, but in the same year I nevertheless started chakra-courses, which led me towards Tantra Yoga, the yoga of the work with consciousness. After that came the study of the Crystal Awareness Therapy. Three years of hard work, a series of meditations, energetic practices and regressions bore fruit as a consequence of which I was able to remember why I am here on Earth. But the really hard work only came afterwards and provided me with many challenges: celibacy, a series of initiations in Hungary and abroad (Spain, Germany, Austria, etc.). In the meantime I continued to learn from my master Dr. Éva Rudas, who gave me instruction in psychosurgery and time-spiral regression.  

As a traditional Reiki Master – Teacher – Transmitter, Crystal Master and Teacher of Tantra Yoga, I was able to begin independent teaching in 1998-2000. In 1998 I passed the bioenergetician examination. I owe a lot to my Master, Éva, who was an extraordinary woman and excellent teacher. The Creator called her back in 2001, and according to her will I became the one to pass on her knowledge, and I do what I have to do. I earned an advanced degree in Business Administration in 2002, and in 2006 I received an internationally recognized degree as a Special Spiritual Consultant of the International Academy of Metaphysics. 

I am chairwoman of the Hungarian Reiki Association, which has been operating since 1992 and was founded by my late Master and her co-master Diána M. Benedek. I do not belong to any religious organization or group.  

My religion is the Ancient faith: reverence and respect for the Sun; I believe in and humbly serve the Creator, the Universe and the Creating Forces. I don’t think I’m a special healer. I am only a conduit, who has submitted to Divine Energy, Universal Love. Over the millennia I learned to accept my teacher unconditionally and to assist my development rather than block it since I, and not my master or anyone else, am the way. I learned how to maintain silence and pass unnoticed, to become invisible and, when needed, to be in all places at all times. Believe me, silence and deep immersion are the best teachers. What matters is not who you are or what you know but rather what you do and where you are heading! A fabulous mate, my husband, and our child make it easier for me to see it all through.  

Last but not least, a word about the followers who, of their own free will, go their own way and our common way. They are the members of our Association who run the Lake of Goodness Foundation and keep it alive. They advance in their own chosen way so that as many as possible enrich themselves through their knowledge and action and radiate their love towards society.  

I welcome everyone and thank you for visiting this website. 

I have only one message for you. I teach by learning and learn by teaching. I was born a human with human qualities so that I could carry the torch of love. Let this flame touch your heart and you will feel the Creating Light accompanying you on your way.