A Jóság Tava

Dr. Éva Rudas

Founder of the Hungarian Reiki Association, establisher of The Lake of Goodness Foundation. Traditional Reiki master, teacher, line transmitter, respiration therapeutist, extrasense healer, seer of the past and the future, international bioenergetics master, Grande Dame of Tantra Yoga, crystal master.

Her extraordinary abilities had already appeared in her early childhood, when she was able to establish contact with upper worlds and interpret their teaching and messages.

As a leading master, she devoted the last fifteen years of her life entirely to healing and teaching. She knew that it was a wonderful dignity and prospect for a human being to be called to service and that the spirit cannot be destroyed.

Her teaching was blended with force and faith.

She spent the last years of her life exclusively in healing the bodies and souls of others.

She was characterized by unlimited love, directness, humour, compassion and selflessness.

A new star has been shining on the Horizon of the Universe Since the 19th of December 2001. This is the star of the Woman Dressed in Sun.

‘If you call me, I’ll be with you, but it hurts when I see your tears. Smile if you think of me, and your memory of me will be a blessing on you.’