A Jóság Tava

Master of the Reiki Association:

Zoltán Benkő

Anita Kardos-Mrs. Andrea Gyalus Lőrincz-Magdolna Sebők-Mrs Tibor Sebők

was born in Szombathely on 8th August 1964. I went to school here. I did athletics and later on Kung Fu. I have been practising Sang Tai Chi Chuan for ten years, and I’ve been riding horses for three years.
I like taking photos. I have my own IT company, which I have been successfully running for ten years. I do high quality, reliable work.  

I first encountered esotericism in 1990. My motive was curiosity; I was not a patient. I performed three degrees of RAI.


I did fire walking (Ken Kedigen), energy breathing (Vladimir Komin, Judit Pintér), and reincarnation with breathing and time-spiral techniques. I learned the basics of Tibetan healing. In the meantime I often met my masters, Dr Éva Rudas and Diána Benedek. I learned a lot from them during our brief relationship. They helped me not only with Reiki but with other things in life, too. I took the Chakra course under the direction of Dr Éva Rudas. She also awarded me the first two degrees of Reiki. I received the third degree – after her death – from Anita Kardos. I am taking also the Tantra course with her.


I have been a vegetarian for ten years. I married in the summer of 1999, and my daughter was born in the same year and a boy in 2003. I don’t belong to any sect or religion. My favourite band is Kormorán. My goal is to create internal harmony. I believe in the law of Honesty and Honour. I profess: ‘The Order watches over the World’.