A Jóság Tava

Diána Magdolna Benedek

Co-founder of the Hungarian Reiki Association. Traditional Reiki master, teacher, extra sense, seer and international bioenergetics master.

Her extraordinary abilities had already appeared in her early childhood, when she saw her own birth and was able to contact upper worlds and interpret their teaching and messages.

She started her healing career as bioenergetics master. She later worked in crystal and breathing therapy. As practical master of the Energy Transfer Centre of the Hungarian Reiki Association, she devoted the last five years of her life entirely to healing and teaching.

She received the message that she would serve mankind as a Blue Angel.

When Ole Nydahl, a Western Lama of Tibetan Buddhism, took refuge in Budapest in 1992, he gave her the name ‘The Lake of Goodness’.

She died on 25th May 1996 and returned to her creator, the Lord of the Universe.

Her goodness and love have been inexhaustibly flowing towards every human being ever since.

‘I love you, and the Force helps you by this way’.