A Jóság Tava

Diána Magdolna Benedek

Co-founder of the Hungarian Reiki Association. Traditional Reiki master, teacher, extra sense, seer and international bioenergetics master.

Her extraordinary abilities had already appeared in her early childhood, when she saw her own birth and was able to contact upper worlds and interpret their teaching and messages. >>

Dr. Éva Rudas

Founder of the Hungarian Reiki Association, establisher of The Lake of Goodness Foundation. Traditional Reiki master, teacher, line transmitter, respiration therapeutist, extrasense healer, seer of the past and the future, international bioenergetics master, Grande Dame of Tantra Yoga, crystal master.

Her extraordinary abilities had already appeared in her early childhood, when she was able to establish contact with upper worlds and interpret their teaching and messages. >>

Anita Kardos

I am Anita KARDOS (maiden name: Anita Sebők)

I was born in 1966 in Karcag, Hungary. As nature had endowed me with many talents (sports, singing, drawing, chemistry etc.), neither my parents, nor my teachers could decide what I should become when I grew up, but all I wanted was to become a doctor. I wanted to help and heal people.

During my high school years I gained a great deal of experience in health care, and when the moment came I enrolled not in the faculty of medicine, but in the faculty of Dietetics at the College of Health Care in Budapest. I graduated in 1987 and worked for 13 years as a dietician in the Ferenc Jahn Hospital during which time I acquired considerable practical experience and achieved great professional success. >>

Magdolna Sebők

I was born in Budapest on 23rd August 1967. I am currently living here with my family – my husband and two sons. After elementary school, I attended Rudas László School of Business and obtained a vocational training certificate together with my school leaving certificate. I continued my studies at the College of Commerce and Catering, where I received a degree in business administration.

I worked several years as a merchandise manager, but after the birth of my sons my interest turned toward esotericism.>>

Mrs. Tibor Sebők (maiden name Magdolna Reményi) 

I was born in Kispest in 1946. I have lived in Pesterzsébet since 1952. I went to elementary school and secondary school in this district.

I got married in 1966. I have two daughters.

I graduated at Eötvös Lóránd University and took my diploma in secondary-school teaching. Since my graduation I have been teaching maths and physics at Jenő Varga Secondary School of Economics.>>

Mrs. Andrea Gyalus Lõrincz

I was born in Budapest on the 4th August 1960. After elementary school I passed my final examination in the Fürst Sándor Grammar School. I have one child.  

My interest in natural healing methods was awakened in 1993 by a Reiki I course. Dr Éva Rudas and M. Diána Benedek, my respected teachers, set me on my way and have always given force and love to my life.  

I am still pursuing my studies. My teacher is Anita Kardos, with whom I became a Reiki Master and Teacher. >>

Zoltán Benkő

was born in Szombathely on 8th August 1964. I went to school here. I did athletics and later on Kung Fu. I have been practising Sang Tai Chi Chuan for ten years, and I’ve been riding horses for three years.
I like taking photos. I have my own IT company, which I have been successfully running for ten years. I do high quality, reliable work.  

I first encountered esotericism in 1990. My motive was curiosity; I was not a patient. I performed three degrees of RAI. >>