A Jóság Tava

Activity of the Foundation

Our Foundation’s practitioners hold a weekly ‘therapy day’ at the Foundation’s headquarters at Bp. 1191. Fõ u. 19. X/30-ban, where indigent sick people, children and elderly people are treated free of charge.

We regularly take part in therapeutic programmes and try to disseminate Traditional Reiki by free therapeutic treatment and by lectures and books.

We take every opportunity to popularize Reiki and the healing doctrines of ancient people, to have them acknowledged in their rightful place among natural healing methods and to protect their reputations and good standing.

Our goal is to create an esoteric, healing and teaching centre, the ‘Sun Centre’. As much as possible, the Lake of Goodness Foundation supports the activity of the Hungarian Reiki Foundation.

The Hungarian Reiki Association has been operating in Hungary since 1991 at its headquarters at Budapest, 1191. Fõ u. 19. X/30. Its founders, Dr Éva Rudas and Magdolna Diána Benedek, were master teachers of Traditional Reiki. Since the death of Dr Éva Rudas, her follower Anita Kardos has been the president of the Reiki Association.

Our resources

Our human resources are represented by volunteer Reiki practitioners, who champion the goals of the association.

We try to create our financial means by donations and offerings – for instance, with the support of citizens who offer 1% of their personal income tax.